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We stock only top quality, name-brand merchandise. The latest styles and popular fashions your kids will be proud to wear. Our clothes are displayed in leading department stores. With your discount code: MK09210 - you'll never again pay expensive store prices. You can buy the same merchandise from us at 50% to 70% below store prices. Just think of all the money you'll be saving.

Many of our outfits are priced so low, manufacturers won't allow us to list them here. We carry hundreds of styles that'll make your kids look their very best. We know once you see the "first-class" outfits and amazing prices we give you, you'll make us your #1 outlet for your kids' clothing.

Want to raise BIG money for your non-profit organization?

As you know, your church/synagogue/charity group is always looking for a way to raise money for special needs. Now you can easily help your organization while you benefit BIG as well.

Here's how ...

You order Name-brand kidswear direct from us at 50 to 70% below store price. While you save big, your church/synagogue/etc. automatically receives a contribution of 10% of the gross sale on every order you place.

It's a win-win-win situation. You benefit by saving up to 70% off retail prices. Your kids benefit by wearing name-brand clothes that will enhance their self-image and popularity. Your organization benefits by receiving BIG contributions so they can grow, thrive and continue to help make this world a better place.


Stop buying kids clothes through traditional retail outlets. You're paying way too much.

We're in the closeout business. We canvass the country for businesses who are going bankrupt. We buy HUGE lots of kidswear for "pennies on the wholesale dollar." We then pass these savings on to you, allowing you to SAVE BIG MONEY on your year round shopping.

Whatever your children's needs are ... we can match them!

We have a wide selection of kidswear that are the rage of boys and girls of all ages. Top quality name-brand children's apparel you'll recognize instantly. Only instead of paying regular retail, you'll pay 50% to 70% below retail.

We're sure you want your kids looking their very best. Shop with us and they'll beam with pride wearing the hottest styles in town. It will enhance their self-image and popularity.

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