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Reverend Gina Livermore

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The Ministry Of Helps was founded in 2007 by Reverend Gina Livermore. The Reverend is a minister in the Universal Life Ministry. It is a not-for-profit ministry located in the pristine forest of the Pacific Northwest.

This ministry is home-based providing counseling and herbal remedies for a small congregation who suffer the maladies of war; social inter-action; and an un-healthy living environment. One of the most beneficial qualities of this ministry is the inter-action and company of the variety of animals that the Reverend cares for. Because of the ever-increasing cost of caring for these animals, we humbly ask that you consider a small donation on their behalf.

You would be helping Dusty the pony; Coyote the Mini-mule; a flock of chickens; Charlie and Gracie the cats; and Lucky the goat.

Many thanks on their behalf and Thank you.

Rev. Gina Livermore


Support the Ministry of Helps




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